The Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) is designed to build and entrench ICT capacity within the Government of Kenya (GoK) to ensure ICT effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery. The programme commenced in 2015 by training 100 ICT graduates. In 2016, the programme aims to train 400 recent ICT graduates. The PDTP initiative focuses on […]


In line with our country’s vision of creating a globally competitive and prosperous nation, the government in partnership with the private sector has created the Presidential Digital Talent Programme to enhance service delivery to citizens through effective and efficient use of information communication technologies (ICT). To realize this objective, the GoK needs to enhance its […]

Programme Objectives & Benefits

Program Objectives The PDTP’s Internship programme has 3 main objectives: To deliver a combination of structured training, coaching and mentoring for trainees. To develop a pipeline of passionate, ethical and future talent to serve in government. To train a specific number (at least 100 interns per year) over a revolving 12-month period. To promote ICT […]